What is Micro Learning?

Micro learning can be viewed as small, self-paced learning. Organized and planned well, micro learning can meet the training needs of an ever changing industry where content changes is the norm.

It can meet the needs of many industries and can be characterized as brief, specific and encompassing. Content can be in the form of video, audio, text, quizzes, games and so much more!

So many benefits can be gained from taking advantage of micro learning for your organization.

  • Mobile Format – reach your customers where they spend much of their online time
  • Result Driven – your learners get results immediately, quickly closing skill and knowledge gaps
  • Budget Friendly – production and technology costs are much lower than normal course creation (and gamidoo learning is here to help)

Still need help making a decision?

Take a look at these examples of how micro learning could work for you!

Case 1 – Increase technical knowledge of your customers by creating micro learning about your new and old products. The result – fewer calls to customer service and technical support.

Case 2 – Increase awareness of your cause by empowering your potential and existing customers about lesser know aspects of your services. Engage your users by teaching them about the values of your cause.

How Do I Take Advantage of Such a Great Training Tool?

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What is a LMS and why do I need one?

LMS stands short for Learning Management System. While the LMS is the foundation that you build elearning upon, it is a great undertaking and can be fairly complicated to configure and deliver.

That’s why we are here to help.

An LMS can come in so many styles – it’s why we have partnered with TalentLMS to offer you the most functional yet most intuitive system out there!

Where micro learning focused on specific bits of learning, the full LMS focuses on the wider need for learning such as employee training, professional development of internal and external assets, long term knowledge retention and education.

Do you need an LMS or will micro learning meet your needs?

Great question.

  • Do you need a robust method of managing elearning.
  • Do you need to organize this elearning into courses and deliver that content to a larger audience?
  • Do you need to monitor and report on progress and performance?

You may need an LMS!

How do I get started?

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